Liquidrom - A Luxurious Spa with Sauna in the Heart of Berlin

Liquidrom - A Luxurious Spa with Sauna in the Heart of Berlin

With its unique architecture, its sleek, timeless design and its soothing atmosphere, the luxury spa is located in the heart of the city. The Liquidrom is the perfect place to relax after a long day at work. An almost meditative place to warm up body and soul.

In addition to an impressive and unique domed hall with a warm saltwater pool (36°) with a play of colours and lights and lounge music above and below the water (be careful, even whispers are echoed in every corner of this room), the Liquidrom includes a small heated pool on the outdoor terrace, 4 saunas, including a Finnish sauna (90°C), a sauna with Himalayan salt (65°C) and a herbal sauna, and a Turkish steam bath / hammam (40°C with 100% humidity).

My experience and review

Lying comfortably on a deckchair with a cup of tea, surrounded by friendly and pleasant staff, you can enjoy the cosy atmosphere reminiscent of luxury hotels and forget about everyday life for a few hours. It is wonderful how you quickly get used to the luxury and well-being. It is nice to forget your worries completely and to be able to relax!

Suddenly - my boss naked in front of me! No - false alarm ! Always the stress of making an embarrassing encounter in these nudist baths. However, this thought dissipates as quickly as the hot water vapours thicken. I feel good, I alternate between saunas and cold showers. I enjoy the heat and the cold. I let myself drift in the pool, lulled by the soft electronic music. Pure relaxation!

I particularly appreciated the peelings provided and the various salt rituals after the sauna to soften the skin. Charmed by the minimalist, modern and aesthetic character of the spa, I came out of it incredibly relaxed and I promised myself I would come back there soon.

As a victim of its success, the Liquidrom regulates the entrance when there are too many people, which is good, though. I would rather recommend you not to go there on weekends, but in the evenings during the week when fewer people have come up with the same idea.

The spa is mixed and nudity is the general rule, i.e. textile-free (Attention: in swimming pools with music it is compulsory to wear a swimsuit).


Opening hours: Mo-Su 9-00, Saturdays until 1am. 
Price: 20€ for 2 hours, 25€ for 4 hours
Massage: 35€ (25 min), 65-70€ (50 min)
Address: Möckernstraße 10, 10963 Berlin
Subway: U1/U3/U7 Möckernbrücke

Raphaëlle Radermecker


With a curious personality and a passion for well-chosen words, writing and discovery are my two passions. Berlin intrigues and fascinates me, with its cultural and artistic richness, its modernity and its ability to constantly renew itself.

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